Right in the heart of Mexico City, next to the financial district, there is a neighborhood where you can find all sorts of Asian stores, ramen houses, convenience stores with “kimchi available” signs on doors, and other signs of flourishing Asian community located between these streets.

This is the “Pequeño Seúl” or “Little Seoul”, an area where the Korean diaspora of Mexico City placed its roots. I love all things Asia and that is why I visit these streets every few days while I’m still here in Mexico City.

In terms of cultural domination, it is not as developed…

I recently saw this infographic about the most common colors Americans choose for a new car. After different shades of gray, white, and black, come blue and red. All other colors represent less than 2% each. And you know those blue and red colors. The red but not too red. Just a shitty red so that masses would buy it.

An SUV. Not an offroader, not a hatchback, just something in the middle. Something that most people somewhat like.

You can see this pattern in the car design as well. Cars these days — be they mass-market cars or middle-class cars — look almost the same. Some say it is so because creating an exterior that looks really different…

I’ve been staying in Mexico for a total of 9 months as of now with a 3-months break being in Guatemala. As far as I love the country in general, there is one thing that concerns me most: dogs.

Mexico has the highest number of homeless dogs in Latin America (and it seems like in the world as well).

Before my current location, we rent an Airbnb in another part of Mexico City that looks more like a typical Mexican neighborhood. Our host lived in a separate apartment that was like in the same small building. We had a common…

I’m a big fan of Asian culture for some reason. Lately, I’m being in special nostalgia for Asia because every Asian country is closed and I can’t travel there.

So I started to pay even more attention to films made in Asia or at least about Asia. Here is my list of those I found particularly good.

[there are no spoilers]

A Taxi Driver (2017)


A dramedy about a man in the middle of political events in South Korea in the 1980s. Song Kang-ho from Parasite is a leading actor here and I really like his performance.

The Lunchbox (2013)

Get a coffee too and join the conversation

Back in the day, I used to work as a project manager in typical financial corporations. There were two of them throughout that part of my career. In both companies, there were large projects that I was unfortunately not a part of that were aimed at the integration of some kind of another business process management tool that was built to decrease the complexity of launching automation for a business process. And each of such projects had the same set of characteristics: a large team, huge budget, and unpredictably long roadmap.

Initially, such systems are advertised as a platform where…

Moved here when my Mexican visa was about to expire after traveling there for 6 months. I know Antigua is more popular but I found a super cheap Airbnb in Guatemala City ($340 for 4 weeks) which looked decent so decided to start with the capital city.

You can buy a goat right in the center of Guatemala City

Guatemala City

The city turned out to be not that scary as they say on the internet. I would advise you from living in the historic center though (Zona 1). It is cheap but it is not the best place to live: you can sometimes see drunk, stoned or otherwise shady people. …

Best coffee in Istanbul, Turkey

Müz Botanik & Kahve is just drowning in succulents and plants of different kinds

Brew Lab


They bake croissants right there! And boy they are delicious. While Istanbul has lots of very beautiful, original and cute coffee shops on every corner, the quality of the coffee itself is rarely good: it’s often classic dark-roasted bitter coffee. And I was glad to have Brew Lab in a few steps from my Airbnb. Amazing flat white and nice open-windowed area. It was so lovely to sit there in the morning watching other shops to open across the street.

Müz Botanik & Kahve


This is not only a coffee house but also a plants and succulents shop. So while you are…

Or anything you hate to do every day/week, basically

Quite a while ago I decided to start doing freelance projects related to automation of routine tasks.

During implementation of my personal business projects I solved lots of tasks of various complexity: from small scripts sending my customers personalized messages with promo-codes to data extraction tool with Postgres database to a web-hosted app performing actions triggered by events on a Trello board with notifications to a Telegram channel.

I noticed a decent amount of attention from people when mentioning different solutions I implemented for myself. …

After I came back from my one month trip to Bangkok this year, a lot of people asked me what a tourist can do in Bangkok for so long. Many of them think that traveling to one city for more than a week is boring.

Yeah, right. Like there is so much fun in staying home in Russia

I am convinced that not only a month stay in one place is not boring, but it is much more interesting. After initial 3–4 days exploring the city I started discovering new interesting spots in places where I’ve already been. After a…

Here it is

This is not another success story. In fact, it is the story with no result yet. But I look positively into the future.

I want to tell you how I try to find a job and move to Singapore, which methods I use for this and why it hasn’t worked for me yet.

You may see a lot of articles with advice on how to land any job you want. Believe me, I read tons of them and know every single recommendation on how to make it.

The problem is they don’t work so well when you are a 26…

Dmitry Babanov

Software engineer, amateur YouTube vlogger :)

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